first of all thanks for this software. i done everything as per your direction,added two outputs pin7 and pin8 as output on the configuration.but the problem is the outputs of arduino which are already configured is not listing on coil tag allocation.i tried many times and i failed. let me know what mistake that i done giving advance thanks for your help.

regards sreekanth kerala india

asked 27 Nov '14, 06:37

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Hi Sreekanth I'm not certain from you post, but perhaps I can answer this.
If the problem is that you have configured the pins as outputs, but they do not appear as discrete outputs under Local I/O, try downloading again. This happened once or twice for me.
If the problem is that you cannot work out how to assign a discrete output to a logic coil, be aware that it works the "opposite" way from assigning discrete inputs to a logic contact. As I think you know, you assign an input pin to a contact by using the drop down menu on contact where it appears in the logic. To assign a logical coil to a discrete output, go to the discrete output under Local I/O and double click on the "false" that appears below the pin you want to assign. Then you select the logical coil to assign to that pin.
This makes sense if you think about it - you can get all your logic sorted out and somewhat tested before you actually make it do potentially damaging things in the real world.
Be aware that if you go back to your logic and change the name or position of the logical coil, the link will break and you need to do it again.
Hope this helps. Good luck!


answered 03 Dec '14, 04:25

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thanks mild lee

(06 Dec '14, 22:47) sreekanth
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