Hi, Tripped across soapboxsnap when looking for ladder logic applications for phidgets. I am currently using EASYPLC from Nirtec to drive a railway control panel. I am very comfortable with ladder logic as it relates easily to the relay context in which many railway interlockings are built. We are currently using this succesfully as a training rig. EasyPLC has some limitations, it's difficult to create a virtual VDU based control panel, doesn't recognise a right click, and this would give us more flexibility to have easily changed control panels.

Is it possible for soapbox snap to talk to soapbox core, or any other GUI for example. I would like to build a vdu style control panel as a training rig, and short of coding it from scratch, which I am not really capable of, and would have to relearn programming. The last serious programming I did was on a zx81 chip for embedded applications.

Thanks for listening! RR

asked 16 Sep '11, 10:18

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We don't currently have any kind of HMI for SoapBox Snap applications, but it has all the hooks in there to talk to one.

Option 1 is to use a PhidgetTextLCD, which it does support, and kind of build your own, but that's not what you're asking for.

Option 2 is to write a SoapBox Snap plugin (based around the SoapBox Core framework, as you suggested) that can do your HMI functionality, but yes, that requires you to dive into some .NET programming.

It's my intention to add HMI functionality eventually, but nothing's in the works right now.


answered 19 Nov '11, 16:13

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