I install the latest version on my 3 computers Win7 64 Win7 32 Win xp 32

All on it have the latest version of .NET 4

When I try to start a new project I have a illegal error with

What I doing wrong .. Can you help me.

asked 06 Sep '11, 19:15

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I have the same error, when loading an existing project or even for a new project. After loading the source from SVN, there was a problem in the AvalonDock, with a conversion to a double.

I 've changed conversion from : double.Parse( contentElement.GetAttribute("Width")) to

double.Parse(contentElement.GetAttribute("Width"), CultureInfo.InvariantCulture.NumberFormat))

in file : DockableContent.cs


answered 22 Sep '11, 12:11

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Thank-you for posting this. The problem is that the default New Project saved file has a default window layout saved it in. when it tries to restore this, one of the saved values is something like 684.04, because the layout was saved on my PC, using English (Canadian) regional settings. When someone is using French (Canadian) settings, it can't parse the 684.04 into a number. The AvalonDock code is being reasonable: assuming it'll save and load from the same region. I think the right answer is to tweak my default project file to avoid the decimal places.

(20 Nov '11, 13:37) Scott ♦♦

Your answer give me a idea. I change my regional setting from "FRENCH CANADIAN" to "ENGLISH USA" and UP! All seam to work now. There are a problem in the code with internationnal variable conversion. I'm not good anoth to correct the code.

Thank's for the cue.


answered 24 Sep '11, 10:50

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This is a good work-around for the moment. Switch your region to English, create the new Project, then switch region back to French, and save the project. You'll probably be OK from there on. The next release should fix this problem.

(20 Nov '11, 13:57) Scott ♦♦
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