Here are my experiences. These might be helpful to others.

Following the tutorial I had the following issues.

  1. When I installed the TimerOne library it was in a folder called TimerOne-r11, the Arudino IDE didn't like this name, so I had to just TimerOne

  2. I copied the ArduinoFirmware folder to the Arduino sketch folder and tried to compile and got the following error:

In file included from ArduinoFirmware.ino:3: /Program.h:2:25: error: BoardSelect.h: No such file or directory In file included from ArduinoFirmware.ino:3: Program.h:32: error: 'MAX_PROGRAM_SIZE' was not declared in this scope

I found that the output of the VS2010 project was not copying the BoardSelect.h file to the output Arduino directory.

Once I this file was added to the ArduinoFirmware and compiled I was able to upload the program to the Uno.

From this point on following the Uno Snap tutorial I was able to establish communications.


asked 12 Jul '14, 20:32

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Jacob Christ
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Scott ♦♦

Thank you, I'll fix the missing BoardSelect.h file in the project. I think this only affects you if you're compiling Snap yourself, because the file exists when you use the installer. Edit: this fix has been committed to the repository.

(12 Jul '14, 20:35) Scott ♦♦
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